Weare your guardian angel in complex transactions.

The CapGen team has a track record supporting clients with activities related to mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and project financing.

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Wehelp your team to steer your ship in the right strategic direction.

We relate to our client's goals and work hand in hand with them to map their ecosystem and validate their strategy by bespoke research and consulting.

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From Small to Large
Enterprises & Institutions

We remain at your side helping you to move ahead on the battlefield of the economy.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are looking for transaction support in order to explore your alternatives in relation to a intended sale of a majority share of your company or planning to expand your operations by acquiring companies that fit into your strategic plans, you can rely on our experience and professionalism to help you pull it through.

Acquisition and Project financing

You cannot put the same shoe on every foot. The same is true when structuring and arranging financing of complex transactions, including acquisitions or projects involving income producing assets or those under development. Underwriting complexity and finding the best financing form and source of capital is something we love to do every day for our clients.

Strategic Consulting

When strategy is in question, all roads (unfortunately) do not lead to Rome. However, if you allow us to work with you on a design of a strategic roadmap, we will leave not stone unturned and consider every avenue to get you moving ahead. Whether it is deep-diving into industries, products and pools of data, mapping the landscape and feasibility of your growth-through-acquisition strategy or just playing devil's advocate, we treat you as a member of our family and want you to succeed.

Investment Advisory

Money never sleeps! We are your guardian angel and catalyst for informed decision-making related to optimal deployment of capital to any type of investment, ranging from venture-type to mature stage, minority or control, private or public, equity, mezzanine or debt. We love to partner with and advise people who like to apply their pools of capital responsibly, foster growth and make investment that have a positive and lasting impact on our society.

Capital Raising

Do you have a big idea that won't let you sleep at night, but you are not sure how to fund it? Smart, responsible and professional teams, supported by the right source of capital should bring it into life and make it run! Allow us to be on your team and devise a tailor made fundraising strategy that will fit your plans, support you with execution and beyond. If you think we can move the needle, we may even through-in the extra venture hours and should the situation allow it consider committing some of our own capital.


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